If you’re doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, you’re going to end up in the same place as everyone else, which is more likely than not, not where you want to be as a working creative. Now more than ever the creative market is flooded by professionals, amateurs, freelancers and even hobbyists. […]

We’ve all been there. An empty white page, beckoning to be filled with words, an empty canvas, taunting you with its emptiness, or a song that refuses to find its own chord progression. Sooner or later, all creatives find themselves in the doldrums of unproductivity. Where nothing seems to stick, a spark can’t ignite, and […]

Productivity is a huge buzzword in our society, but the world of work has dramatically shifted and so must our ideas around how to be the most productive when it comes to our businesses and work. Working from home, or in a more flexible work environment changes the ways people are able to work as […]

COVID has changed almost everything about how we run our business and one of the key things we took away from 2020 is adaptability. If you don’t learn to swim, you will drown. Simple as that. Instead of hoping things will go back to normal, we have to adjust to this new working world we […]

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