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Barrow Properties

Property Investment Company | Johannesburg, South Africa

Barrow Properties is one of South Africa’s most established property development and construction companies, which was founded in 1897. They have been instrumental in developing many of Johannesburg’s iconic buildings, both residential and commercial. 

Barrow’s goal is to create spaces for businesses to thrive. They are committed to bringing their clients an exceptional experience and service offering through their many commercial properties across South Africa and their friendly and dedicated team. In order to engage with their clients and showcase their properties, we have partnered with Barrow to develop their digital content and marketing strategy in 2021.

We have collaborated with Barrow to produce their brand messaging that enigmatically showcases their deep history and commitment to excellence. We have updated their portfolio images including landscape shots of their many buildings, as well as giving their clients a more detailed look inside these buildings with video content and images.  

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“Working with Barrow has been so rewarding as they are a future focussed company and want to ensure they stay ahead of trends regarding the future of work. We’re helping them develop their digital channels, website, brand messaging and more.”

– Matt Masson, Director

With their new marketing strategy and stunning visual portfolio, showcased through their website and social media, they are reaching new clients. They have recognised the need to pivot into digital marketing as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has fundamentally affected their clients’ office and work space requirements. We have helped Barrow adapt to these socio-economic changes in the workplace. 

Barrow has curated an exemplary digital portfolio, through deliberate media marketing, resulting in increased occupancy in their properties across Johannesburg. 


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