Keep Walking

Johnnie Walker

Scotch Whiskey / International

Johnnie Walker is the most widely recognised and renowned whisky brand in the world and its slogan has been adopted and embraced everywhere. According to their brand, “Keep Walking” is the best piece of advice you are ever likely to hear. We wanted to create a visual depiction of this optimism and worked on a video project around the central message of the brand.

The core message of this video production was “You can follow the rules, or you can make them” so we approached Beach Body, one of South Africa’s leading creative minds and forward thinkers, to help us tell the story of a brand that doesn’t stick to the rules.

“It was important for us to develop a uniquely South African spin on such a classic and internationally recognised brand. We leaned heavily into imperfection as inspiration throughout this production, and embracing this process led us to result we were looking for.”

– Matt Masson, Director

Our focus with this production was to create a filmic, cinematic look through movement and colour. We wanted to remind audiences of Johnnie Walker’s timelessness and also tie in a uniquely African look and feel. This footage was shot at Camps Bay and surrounding beaches and these video edits, which capture the iconic Cape Town mountains, bring a fresh, uniquely South Afican perspective to Johnnie Walker’s digital content, showing that the brand is revered across the world.

LUX & MODE Digital