An Inspirational Story

Simply Nozipho

Influencer | Durban, South Africa

Beauty, style and ‘Mom’-fluencer, Nozipho, has been using her social media platforms to connect with her audience, and to much success. Over the past few years we have worked with Nozipho to curate her personal brand, exploring the depths and intricacies of her personal story and translating that into digital content to share across her social media platforms. 

Simply Nozipho is Nozipho’s brand, which consists of snippets of her day-to-day life, advice for millennial women raising families and juggling their babies, their social lives and self-expression. Through her passion for engaging with others, she has crafted a relationship with thousands of people across the country and even across the globe who resonate with her story and her authenticity. 

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We have also worked with Nozipho on her video content, building her YouTube channel, as well as her digital strategy for Instagram. Her pregnancy was one of the highlights of her personal story in 2020, and she wanted to surprise her community with the news that she was pregnant. Especially after she’d shared her struggles with IVF and infertility on social media in the past. Together we came up with a beautiful, memorable announcement to tell everyone that she was expecting twins. Over Christmas 2020 her followers exploded in excitement for her and her family’s ‘Christmas miracle’.

Nozipho has been able to leverage her following on social media to work with local South African brands, inspire members of her community and share some of the fascinating elements of her everyday life. Whether it be advice on being a mom, raising a big family, or fashion or style advice, her digital content is engaging and genuine. Her self-expression across social media is authentic and her personal brand is flourishing as she constantly connects with her followers and shares about her life.

“Nozipho was persistent on being authentic and real through all of her messaging with her audience. She essentially speaks our language in this sense and this led to an incredible working relationship. We managed to double her YouTube & Instagram audience in about 6 months.”

– Amy Codrington, Brand Manager

LUX & MODE Digital