Quality vs. Quantity

If you’re anything as cynical as I am you’re probably expecting this article to just be summarised by a cheesy “both”. Both quality and quantity are important. And you’d be partially right. But you’d be missing the point entirely. Let me explain.

Let’s focus on the media production and marketing side of this conversation. As it stands in 2021, there is more content being developed than ever before. So the question of “quality vs quantity” is more prevalent than ever. 

What should my business focus on? Should we invest in high quality photos and video of our products and/or services? Should we rebuild our website and make it pretty? People like to see beautiful things, right? Should we churn out content on our social platforms? Let’s post something every single day? More is better, right? My answer here is yes and no. To all of the above.

There are companies who are succeeding right now and are posting trash “quality” social media content shot once a month (shot with an iPhone). And in contrast to this, there are companies who are producing the highest quality media content every single day who are quite literally struggling to make ends meet. What most companies don’t consider before spending thousands on content production is their messaging.  

What is the message of your brand? How are you bringing this message into your content? How are you telling the story of your company in a simple and meaningful way? How have you simplified your message to make it easy to deliver in short format.

Developing a customer centric communication plan for your business is more important than spending R100k on a new video production or a photo shoot. Messaging is everything. Without relevant and simple messaging, your marketing will fall flat. No matter how much money you spend. The quality of your media comes second, along with the quantity. And this comes from someone with 12 years of experience in high end commercial film and photography. So trust me when I say it pains me to say this, because I love creating high quality content and if I could shoot everyday I would. But all of that is useless if I don’t have the message figured out. 

I’ve spent years trying to understand why some of the content I produced in the early stages of my career did really well and why some of it didn’t. And when I look back and analyse what happened, I can see that I got lucky, and some productions unintentionally got the messaging right. And some didn’t.

Before everything we do now, we write a story around it.

Helping a client market a new product? We write that product’s story.

Filming a promotional video? We write a story.

Building a website for a client? We write a full story about every page of that website and the focus and goal for each page.

Making a cup of coffee? We write the story of that cup of coffee. Beans? Ethiopia… (Okay, maybe I’m taking this too far now?)

It might seem like a lot of work but I think it’s easily the most freeing process we’ve ever learnt as a company. Because through the storytelling we’re able to hit the nail on the head (almost) every single time for our clients. And if we miss, we rewrite and rework it.

To wrap this up. Quality matters. Quantity matters. But messaging is more important than anything. Ask yourself: How well can you communicate your company’s message? And will anyone care? Consider this your call to action. Email me today.

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Matt Masson has worked in the creative branding industry for over a decade, specialising in multiple areas including photography, stills and video production, brand and marketing strategy and graphic design. This has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience that informs his style, his writing and all his creative work.

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